Singing lessons and vocal coaching in Nottingham



What will you do in lessons?

Lessons will be fun but useful so that you can genuinely hear the improvement in your voice.


The first lesson will be informal; we'll have a coffee and a chat about why you think you need lessons and coaching. We'll discuss what you think about your voice and how much time you have to work on it and what music you like. Following this, I'll come up with a bespoke programme to meet your needs.


We'll go through some technical stuff like:

  • Basics – improving your singing techinique will help improve the quality of your voice. Want to sing higher or longer notes? This is where the foundations are laid to improve your voice and help maintain it. We'll work on breathing and posture to keep your voice healthy and strong.


  • Style and tone – we'll work out styles you like and try new ones to help you learn more about what your voice can do. We'll find the bits of your voice that are special and develop this so that when you sing, you know you are bringing out the best of your voice.


  • Performance - making a song sound great isn't just about having a wonderful voice. I'll help you work through songs and craft a performance out of them.


  • Confidence – we’ll work through what you want to get out of your voice and where you want to go with it. We’ll build your confidence and track your progress so you know that you are improving. Together, we’ll agree what your goals are and how to get there.


The key to my lessons is that you find them interesting, useful and enjoyable. I want you to feel relaxed, welcome and focused on enjoying singing! Once we've got a song that you love singing and are happy with, we can record this as part of your lessons so you can share your singing and impress your friends and family.


I teach children, adults and groups and adapt lessons to suit individual needs.

How often should you have lessons?


You choose how long your lessons are and how often you have them. Most students opt for an hour every fortnight. I would recommend trying to keep up regular lessons to get the most benefit from them.


For a limited time a one hour lesson is only £15


Why not give it a try? The first lesson is free!

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