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Claire already sang in a popular band when she came for lessons. When she started to sing, it was clear that she had a lovely natural style and an extensive range of notes at her disposal.

I wasn't entirely sure why she felt she needed lessons but it all became clear... confidence. We tried lots of different techniques to start to use Claire's voice in different ways, including recordings and even our own 'The Voice'-style battles! After working together closely and much laughing and dancing along the way, Claire is out there singing with confidence and enjoying every minute of it.

Here's what Claire has to say:


"When we first met, I felt immediately at ease, you are very "down to earth", which was great as I could never have worked with someone that was not. You made sure that I was clear about what I wanted to achieve and my motivations for starting lessons. This is what made you stand out when I was searching the net for teachers, I don't recall the exact wording but it was to the tune of working with the voice that you have and learning to love it.


You have consistently encouraged me to push myself to places that I would have cowered from, fortunately I think we were relaxed enough together for you to know that you could give me kick up the bum when I was shying away from myself! Every lesson was valuable to me, I left every one feeling a sense of achievement, buzzing with the desire to sing. The teaching environment that you have is fantastic and the beautiful white piano finishes it off nicely.


This confidence permeated my whole self, not just as a singer. You are very empathic, patient and your sense of humour is an essential ingredient in making you an all round wonderful person and a brilliant teacher. Singing is a very personal thing and to expose ones self to someone in that way can be really challenging but I felt that you were always able to reach beyond the fear and embarrassment.


I have felt the impact of my lessons with you in my gigging, I am far less nervous than I was and I am more able to express myself on stage. The breathing and warm ups are a godsend.

I have learnt a lot about my voice and with that understanding feel more able to achieve the level of singing that I desire.


Very much looking forward to seeing you again soon Sarah, you are an absolute star xxx"

Claire, June 2015


Beth has unique qualities to her voice, including a natural vibrato that makes her stand out from the crowd. We've covered lots of ground; improved breath control, extending vocal range and testing the voice by trying different styles to see how this changes technique and what new vocal qualities this highlights. What we discovered was that Beth had a natural delicate style but that it needed some support to emerge and allow Beth to reach her potential. The result is a voice that captivates and a singer that enjoys singing again!


Here's what Beth has to say:

"Sarah has been teaching me for about a year now and we have explored many different styles and songs together. She is always patient and thoughtful when choosing different genres of music to suit my voice, as well as allowing me the freedom to find my own songs and style.

The lessons have been great with helping to build up my confidence, as well as improving my technique, breathing and range. Sarah is always complimentary, which does wonders!

I recommend Ilove2sing as the perfect place to start building your confidence, loving your voice and singing the songs you love. It's my therapy and I couldn't do without it!"

Beth, January 2015


You can hear Beth sing by clicking on the Soundcloud link below.


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